Saturday, January 31, 2009

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #27, 1965 Green Goblin, Steve Ditko!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #27, 1965 Green Goblin, Steve Ditko! - eBay (item 310119763441 end time Feb-03-09 20:42:39 PST)

This vintage Marvel comic The Amazing Spider-Man #27, August, 1965 features the Green Goblin in a story "Bring Back My Goblin to Me!" Great Steve Ditko art!

It in basically very nice condition with excellent gloss. There's a careful cover repair at the coat of the man in the orange hat. No tape was used, just glue and similar paper stock. The lower right corner has a crease.

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100 EMBROIDERY FLOSS Assorted Lot, Most New, Plus Cards

100 EMBROIDERY FLOSS Assorted Lot, Most New, Plus Cards - eBay (item 310119342979 end time Feb-01-09 20:07:18 PST)

This lot of embroidery floss has 44 assorted colors, plus 10 skeins of black, 12 skeins of white and 32 cards of floss, plus 19 empty cards. They include Beachwood, DN (made in Mexico), Belding Lily and DMC cotton flosses. I haven't done cross stitch in so long, I forgot I had these supplies. Can you use them?

Each skein holds 8.75 or 9 yards of 6-strand cotton embroidery floss. Most of the skeins are unused, some of the cards are lightly used. Three skeins have some sparkle: one skein of 101 black, two skeins of 13 blue. I tossed in a few partially used skeins, so the total is 100. The floss wound onto cards have the color number written on the cards.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

6 Vintage Sequential Issues LION British Weekly Comics!

6 Vintage Sequential Issues LION British Weekly Comics! - eBay (item 310119540149 end time Feb-02-09 18:48:02 PST)

This lot of six sequential copies of the British weekly comic Lion were published in January and February, 1965. The front cover is in color, the rest black and white. They are full of adventure strips aimed at boys: Robot Archie, The Hand of Zar, Zip Nolan and many, many others. Several issues have a no-smoking tip from different British sports heroes.

  • 2 Jan. 1965
  • 9 Jan. '65
  • 16 Jan. '65
  • 23 Jan. '65
  • 30 Jan. '65
  • 6 Feb. '65
They're 44 years old! They have some foxing and tape repairs where the leading edges were torn during mailing. One issue has bug holes in the bottom margins.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vintage Simple Basic KODAK BOX CAMERA, Used 120 Film

Vintage Simple Basic KODAK BOX CAMERA, Used 120 Film - eBay (item 310118161526 end time Jan-27-09 18:30:00 PST)

This simple and basic vintage Kodak box camera has no model name or number. Perhaps it was on the original handle, but that's long gone. The film advance knob says, "Use Kodak Film 120." The back is embossed, "Use Kodak Film 120. Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y." Look up an Anniversary camera and you see one very similar to this one.

A sticker inside says, "Use Kodak Film 120. Use Kodak film in the yellow box. It gets the Picture. Patented in U.S.A. 1,169,882 and 1,613,365. Printed in U.S.A. No. 40,984."

We made a handle out of a strip of rubber. The shutter works fast. The view windows are very tiny, dark and dim. The camera has marks and general edge wear.

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4 Complete Sets 1977 STAR WARS CARDS in Original Box!

4 Complete Sets 1977 STAR WARS CARDS in Original Box! - eBay (item 310118654378 end time Jan-29-09 20:54:42 PST)

This vintage Topps Movie Photo Cards Bubble Gum box contains four complete sets of Star Wars trading cards--blue, red, yellow and green. The box is marked, "©1977 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All Rights Reserved." The stickers aren't here.

The cards were sorted into complete sets and wrapped in paper so long ago--32 years!--that the paper is getting foxed. The cards are pristine. The original box has tape inside the lid, is torn at the lid hinge, and has some bends.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard

1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard - eBay (item 310117702322 end time Jan-25-09 18:44:12 PST)

This vintage magazine is Street & Smith's Unknown Fantasy Fiction Vol II No. 6 cost 20 cents when it was published in Feb. 1940. It's the last issue of the first year of publication. The cover features "Death's Deputy" by L. Ron Hubbard, a complete novel in this issue. Edd Cartier did the cover art. Illustrations by Cartier, Finlay, M. Isip and R. Isip.

  • Novel
    • Death's Deputy by L. Ron Hubbard. These Deputies of Death exist--and any insurance company can name them! A fantasy that touches strange fact.
  • Novelette
    • The Wisdom of an Ass by Silaki Ali Hassan. A modern myth told in Arabia today, translated as were the 1001 Nights.
  • Short Stories
    • Call of Duty by Laurence Bour, Jr. A professional seaman follows orders, a duty that was dropped, to be continued later--
    • The Psychomorph by E.A. Grosser. The always-pleasant being--the ideal personality--always the one you most wanted to see!
    • When It Was Moonlight by Manly Wade Wellman. Suggested background for a famous Edgar Allan Poe story--
  • Serial
    • On the Knees of the Gods by J. Allan Dunn. Second of Three Parts. An American adventurer gets a bit more adventure than he wants--when the ancient gods of Greece get going--
  • Poem
    • Lurani by Paul Dennis Lavond
  • Reader's Departments
    • Of Things Beyond. Editorial Prophecy and Future Issues.
    • "--And Having Writ--" The Readers speak their minds.
The covers were laminated 35 years ago and retain their bright clear color. It's in excellent condition with supple, square-cornered inner pages that are browning.

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1928 Pittsburgh PA NIXON THEATRE Program, Many Old Ads!

1928 Pittsburgh PA NIXON THEATRE Program, Many Old Ads! - eBay (item 310117458894 end time Jan-24-09 19:33:17 PST)

This vintage booklet is an undated 1928 Nixon Theatre program from Pittsburgh, PA. "The World's Perfect Playhouse," it says, probably because right next door or upstairs was the Nixon Restaurant for "BEFORE and AFTER the SHOW Dining Dancing and Entertainment." Just like in Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies!

What was on?
Next Week, Week of November 19th, Return Engagement "Let Joy be Unconfined" The Great Musical Comedy "Hit the Deck" with Queenie Smith & Charles Purcell and a company of 75. A splashing, Dashing Shower of Refreshing Melody and Mirth--All As Clean As the Ocean.
Coming November 12th: Ziegfeld Production Presenting Eddie Cantor in the Musical Comedy "Whoopee" in Two Acts and 12 Scenes. (This is how we dated the program. "Whoopee" ran 1928-29 and earned Eddie Cantor one million dollars he then lost in the crash.)

Inside it says, "Nixon Magazine published daily by the Jacobs Publishing Company. It's full of marvelous old advertisements for Pittsburgh businesses, many with illustrations. Here's a sampling:
  • H.J. Heinz Company 57. Visit Heinz Plant. See Heinz Rice Flakes made.
  • Edward H. Coo, Furrier, 3rd Floor Balcony, Jenkins Arcade, ATlantic 1298
  • Kaufmann Looby Co. Penn Ave. Between 6th and 7 Sts. Kaufmann Looby apparel exemplifying the modern mode has an irresistible appeal...Exclusive--not expensive.

  • Oppenheim, Collins & Co., 525-529 Penn Avenue. Furred Coats That reveal the genius of Parisian inspiration. At Moderate Prices.
  • Meyer Jonasson & Co., Liberty and Oliver Avenues--Call ATlantic 6200. Sumptuous Wraps Very Much in Tune With the Spirit of the Evening. Models shown: $59.75, $79.75, $79.75.
  • Max Azen, Pittsburgh's Leading Furriers, 705 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. Enthralling, Captivating, These Fine New Coats of Flat Caracul. $250.00 and Higher.

  • Pen Point, The ORIGINAL Foil-Wrapped Stogie 5 cents. Penn Cigar Co., Mfrs., Pgh.
  • Price Bros. Candies, Pastry, Tea Room. 208 Sixth Ave., 248 Fifth Ave. "Everything for the Sweet Tooth"
  • Janet Steinmann Gifts (Opposite the Nixon Theatre)

  • Schume's Sulphur Baths, Massage and Electric Treatments for Men and Women, 326 Pittsburgh Life Building, Sixth St. & Liberty Ave., Phone ATlantic 7553
  • Geo. W. Ziegler Machinery Co., 528 1st. Ave., Pittsburgh, PA. Hammer Drill, Engines, Compressors, Pumps, Hoists, Mixers.
  • The Nirella Orchestra, Service which is a Distinctive Asset! Danny Nirella, Himself. Residence, Montrose 6627, 414 Sixth Avenue, ATlantic 5775-6
It's an old newsprint booklet in very good condition with age darkening, minor rumpling and some stains on two pages.

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Vintage Vinyl RIFLE CASE Medium 42-44 Zipper Opens Wide

Vintage Vinyl RIFLE CASE Medium 42-44 Zipper Opens Wide - eBay (item 310117445353 end time Jan-24-09 18:18:25 PST)

This vintage rifle case with a vinyl outer covering and flannel lining is marked, "EO 13408 Medium 42-44" and "John R. Maffeo" and "T". The zipper runs all the way along one side and one-third of the other side for very easy access.

The brown vinyl has faux leather finish with a wrinkled look. The tan vinyl has a pebbled faux leather finish. The lining is orange flannel with padding behind it. There are two handles, one short, the other can go over your shoulder and snaps down when not in use.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1982 Italian Version BLADE RUNNER POSTER Two-Sheet XLNT

1982 Italian Version BLADE RUNNER POSTER Two-Sheet XLNT - eBay (item 310117434065 end time Jan-24-09 18:12:00 PST)

This Blade Runner two-sheet poster was produced in Italy in 1982 by Rotopress-Roma. They changed the headline year from "2020" to "Anno 2019." It's in excellent condition with one small hole where creases meet and minor edge crumpling here and there. No pinholes.

We've had the poster for about 25 years, bought from a dealer. The poster shows Rick Deckard, Rachel and replicant Roy Batty against a night-time city background. We'll mail it rolled in a box by UPS or FedEx.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

1982 E.T. Extra-Terrestrial LUNCH BOX, THERMOS Aladdin!

1982 E.T. Extra-Terrestrial LUNCH BOX, THERMOS Aladdin! - eBay (item 310116991509 end time Feb-18-09 18:09:44 PST)

This E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial lunch box and thermos is an embossed and colorful tin litho lunch kit with a plastic thermos. It's marked, "©1982 Universal City Studios, Inc. All right reserved. Aladdin Industries, Incorporated, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 U.S.A."

Some kid used it a lot. There's a butterfly sticker on one corner and loss of finish on many high spots and all around the corners and edges. Inside the lid there's some rust in the edge bends. The handle could use a detailed cleaning. The thermos is in very good condition.

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Vintage Ferris Wheel PHOTO TREE Display Stand 6 Frames!

Vintage Ferris Wheel PHOTO TREE Display Stand 6 Frames! - eBay (item 310116504953 end time Jan-20-09 18:18:20 PST)

This vintage wood and metal photo tree turns like a Ferris wheel to keep your photos upright for viewing one by one. The six polished wood frames can hold photos front and back. Just slide them in one side. Collect and display your favorite snapshots in great style. I see no maker's mark.

The photo tree stand is in very good condition with slight marks here and there on the wooden frames. One has a repaired corner chip you have to look close to see. The metal has a nickel finish. The wood has a reddish cast.

If you have more than twelve favorite photos, no problem. Each wooden frame will hold up to 1/4" thickness, so you can easily slide many photos into each and swap out which ones you want to display.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Swiveling Black Leather BUCHEIMER CLARK HOLSTER, Loops!

Swiveling Black Leather BUCHEIMER CLARK HOLSTER, Loops! - eBay (item 310115563582 end time Jan-16-09 18:42:29 PST)

This stiff black leather holster is marked on the back, "B72, Bucheimer Clark, Valencia, Calif., B7A-6472, Pat. 3,200,022." It has a slot for your belt, twelve cartridge loops, safety strap, and it unsnaps to swivel for sitting. I don't know what handgun model fits into the six-inch by four-inch pocket.

It's very thick and stiff. There are some scuffs and minor marks here and there, wrinkles and small cracks in the safety strap. Good for lots more use.

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A PITTSBURGH ALBUM 200 Yrs Photos Bicentennial Keepsake

A PITTSBURGH ALBUM 200 Yrs Photos Bicentennial Keepsake - eBay (item 310115335233 end time Jan-15-09 18:57:41 PST)

This big soft cover picture book is titled A Pittsburgh Album 1758-1958, Two Hundred Years of Memories in Pictures and Text compiled, written and edited by Roy Stryker and Mel Seidenberg. This copy is from the Third Printing, July 1959, Copyright 1959, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. There are so many great photos it was really hard to choose which to scan.

From "A Word of Explanation..."
This book was born of an affection for and pride in a city.

A city of endless contrasts...of subtle charm, of earthy homeliness that has its own beauty; of citizen apathy and dissonance, but of even greater vitality, enterprise and unity when needed. A city perhaps not endowed with the refinements and graces of other places that come to mind, but persistently trying to attain these things, however hard their attainment. A city that refuses to be counted out, always managing somehow to summon its people's strength to fight back from adversity and to overcome natural handicaps...and to become a better city in so doing.

The pages of Pittsburgh's 200 years, speaking eloquently of such characteristics, are filled with fascinating events and personalities. Too many, regrettably, to be framed within these covers.

This book offers a sympathetic glance at the past and some of the people who lived it--through the eyes of some of the artists, illustrators, photographers, writers, and historians, many still living, who helped to preserve it.

The book has been purposely limited in scope that it might be made available, not as a major, studious work of history, but rather as a simple, inexpensive keepsake of this Bicentennial Year, somewhat after the fashion of one circulated 100 years ago for the Centennial (see page 19).

We, the sponsors listed below, are happy to make possible this publication as a public service contribution to the Bicentennial observance. Net proceeds from its sale will go the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, for use in further its work, which deserves wider recognition.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Radio Station WWSW
Television Station WIIC
Herbick & Held Printing Company.
It's in very good condition with minor wear.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Borden Mem Ed THE SHIP OF ISHTAR A. Merritt, Finlay Art

Borden Mem Ed THE SHIP OF ISHTAR A. Merritt, Finlay Art - eBay (item 310115558746 end time Jan-16-09 18:19:09 PST)

This 1949 Borden memorial edition hard cover of The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt comes with the original dust jacket. It was published six years after Merritt's death. The dust jacket back has a photo of the author with a tribute to him by Forrest J. Ackerman. The book has five wonderful Virgil Finlay illustrations.

From the front dust jacket flap:
A classic of fantasy that transports the reader back sixty centuries to mystery and romance beyond compare. The hero, John Kenton, received a queer block unearthed in the ruins of Ancient Babylon. It is inscribed with a record of Sargon of Akkad.

An unaccountable conviction possesses Kenton that the stone imprisons some hidden wonder. He strikes it--and as it disintegrates, a miniature craft of elfin enchantment burgeons forth. And as the motes from the cloud of dust envelop him he undergoes a metamorphosis; is projected onto The Ship, where he encounters Sharame--willow-lithe, flame-slender...goddess, temptress, woman.

The ensuing adventures in the long and long ago cast a thrall over the reader with their vivid action and unparalleled beauty. A novel limned in lapis lazuli, that will hold you ensorcelled with the word wizardry and evocative imagery of A. Merritt, the Lord of Fantasy.
About the author:
His reputation has not stood well over the years among speculative fiction fans and critics (with the singular exception of The Ship of Ishtar, a universally hailed classic of the fantasy genre), but at one time he was a major influence on H. P. Lovecraft, and highly esteemed by his friend and frequent collaborator Hannes Bok, by then a noted SF illustrator. Merritt's stories typically revolve around conventional pulp magazine themes: lost civilizations, hideous monsters, etc. His heroes are gallant Irishmen or Scandinavians, his villains treacherous Germans or Russians (depending on the politics of the time) and his heroines often virginal, mysterious and scantily clad. What sets Merritt apart from the typical pulp author, however, is his lush, florid prose style and his exhaustive, at times exhausting, penchant for adjective-laden detail. Merritt's fondness for micro-description nicely complements the pointillistic style of Bok's illustrations, and often serves to highlight and radicalize the inherent fetishistic tendencies of pulp sf.
This came from Wikipedia and there's more. Visit:

The book is in excellent condition with foxing on page edges and age-darkened end papers.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 WIZARD OF OZ DOLLS in Orig Boxes, 11" w/ Accessories!

6 WIZARD OF OZ DOLLS in Orig Boxes, 11" w/ Accessories! - eBay (item 310114864735 end time Jan-13-09 18:00:55 PST)

These six 11" Wizard of Oz dolls in original boxes include Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Wizard, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. For ages 3 and up, they come complete with their accessories--wand, axe, broom and so on. They were produced by Multi Toys Corp. and made in China, Style no. 8875.

The dolls are in excellent condition. The boxes are crushed to varying degrees on the side with the plastic window, with the Scarecrow's box being the worst. The dolls are not affected.

The boxes say, "©1939 Loew's Incorportaed, Ren. 1966 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. ©1988 Turner Entertainment Co. All Rights Reserved."

I forgot to photograph the backs of the boxes, all the same, with actual color photos from the movie of Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Cowardly Lion, Glenda, Scarecrow and Tin Man.

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Friday, January 9, 2009


Vintage GASPARI WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES 10-12 K GF, Case - eBay (item 310114674912 end time Jan-12-09 18:11:02 PST)

This vintage pair of bifocal eye glasses is marked on the bridge, "1/10-12 K G.F. Gaspari G 20" and on both temples, "1/10-12 K G.F." The bridge and frame that curves around the tops of the lenses to the nose pads are plain, the hinges and temples have art deco decorative carving. They have floating nose pads for comfort.

The glasses are in excellent condition except for a tiny chip in the bottom edge of the left lens. The metal case is very nice inside and has a few marks in the faux leather finish.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down.

The glasses measure 118 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 22 mm, and the temples are 110 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 44 mm wide and 40 mm high. The lenses are attached to the frame with screws through holes in the lenses.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rustic Haas Pottery HONEY POT w/ LID & Wooden Dipper!

Rustic Haas Pottery HONEY POT w/ LID & Wooden Dipper! - eBay (item 310114488425 end time Jan-11-09 20:23:02 PST)

This cream, brown and blue honey pot with a lid and wood honey dipper has the word "Honey" incised on the front. The bottom is marked, "Haas Pottery" in teeny lettering impressed in the clay before firing. It has a rustic speckle look.

It's in excellent condition with deliberate drip marks and faded color here and there, and the underside of the lid and the pot are rough, unglazed. The dipper is also excellent.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ALIEN MOVIE NOVEL Over 1000 Color Photos Outsize Book!

ALIEN MOVIE NOVEL Over 1000 Color Photos Outsize Book! - eBay (item 310114254370 end time Jan-10-09 18:40:41 PST)

This outsized soft cover movie novel book captures the movie Alien in over 1000 color photos. It was published by Avon in September, 1979. The cover says, "Man has reached the stars, and it may be too late to turn back.... Alien, the spectacular twentieth Century-Fox film--now the most dazzling Movie Novel™. Over 1,000 full-color photos, edited by Richard J. Anobile from the story by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett. Screenplay by Dan O'Bannon. Avon/46631/$8.95."

From the back cover:
Conceived and created by such talents as Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger, Heavy Metal artist Meobius and Ron Cobb, one of the designers of Star Wars. A new dimension in epic space adventure."
This is the coffee table version of the movie, with all the action caught in stills you can study at leisure. It measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches and is half an inch thick with high-quality paper and virtually every scene in the movie appears in sequential photos.

The book is in great condition with bumped corners at top front and back covers.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


EG Goldberger Willie Tyler's LESTER VENTRILOQUIST DOLL! - eBay (item 310114043792 end time Jan-09-09 19:18:13 PST)

This 26" tall Willie Tyler's Lester Celebrity Ventriloquist Doll was produced by EG Goldberger in 1973. It's for a beginner just learning to throw their voice, with a pamphlet of lessons on how to pronounce sounds without moving your lips. Pulling a string at the back of Lester's neck opens his mouth.

The back of Lester's neck is marked, "©1973 Lester ©Egee Co." A tab inside the box says "I'm Willie Tyler's Lester™, EG Goldberger." The tab was bent inward and doesn't show in the photos.

Lester comes complete with his plaid cap, vest-front shirt, plaid pants and shoes. His legs are flexible cloth and will bend every which way. His left sleeve wrist is attached to his shirt with a plastic strip. His shoes are attached to his feet at the back with plastic strips. His hat is attached to his head at the back with a plastic strip.

The original box says, "Have Fun With Famous Playpals. Great make-believe. Use imagination. Make up Stories. Tell Jokes. For boys and girls over 4 years of age. Ventriloquist instructions inside. No batteries needed."

Lester himself is in excellent condition. The pamphlet is somewhat bent. The original box is a mess. It has lost most of the finish on the front, has bends, a moisture stain on the back, and a missing piece at the top corner. Lester gets fastened into the box with twist-ties. Someone wrote on the back "Won't Talk" and crossed it out. They must have expected him to talk like Chatty Cathy when the string was pulled.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

ABORIGINAL SF #1-3 Tabloids 1986-87 Great Stories, Art!

ABORIGINAL SF #1-3 Tabloids 1986-87 Great Stories, Art! - eBay (item 310113789247 end time Jan-08-09 19:37:50 PST)

These are the first three issues of Aboriginal SF, Tales of the Human Kind, back when it was in tabloid format. They are #1, October 1986, #2, December 1986 and #3, February-March 1987. The science fiction stories and art are fabulous.

Contents #1:
  • Our Alien Publisher by a crazy alien
  • Why Aboriginal SF? by Charles C. Ryan
  • Aborigines by Laurel Lucas
  • Books by Darrell Schweitzer
  • The Reel Stuff by Jessie Horsting
  • The Home System by Hal Clement, art by Bob Eggleton
  • Fixing Larx by Lou Fisher, art by Carol Ann Gaffney
  • The Phoenix Riddle by John A. Taylor, art by Bob Eggleton
  • Sight Unseen by John Moore, art by Charles J. Lang
  • Prior Restraint by Orson Scott Card, art by Larry Blamire
  • Boomerangs, fill this page
Contents #2:
  • Our Alien Publisher by a crazy alien
  • Editor's Notes by Charles C. Ryan
  • Boomerangs, our readers respond
  • Aborigines by Laurel Lucas
  • Bridge of Silence by George Zebrowski, art by Carl Lundgren
  • The Reel Stuff by Jessie Horsting
  • Finder's Fee by Joel H. Sherman, art by Ken Macklin
  • Books by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Almost 11 by Greg Cox, art by Carol Gaffney
  • Regeneration by Rory Harper, art by Ron Lindahn
  • Quantum Leap by Louie Thelug, art by Cortney Skinner
  • Second Best Friend by Elizabeth Anne Hull, art by Val Lakey Lindahn
  • Cartoon by Tom Mason
  • Poems
  • Einstein's Cold Equation Blues by David Lunde
  • Icarian by Robert Frazier
  • Classifieds
Contents #3:
  • Our Alien Publisher by a crazy alien
  • Editor's Notes by Charles C. Ryan
  • Boomerangs, our readers respond
  • Aborigines by Laurel Lucas
  • The Reel Stuff by Jessie Horsting
  • Books by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Sing by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, art by Bob Eggleton
  • Blood Brothers by Patricia Anthony, art by Cortney Skinner
  • Containment by Dean Whitlock, art by Charles Lang
  • One Spring in Wyoming by Charles L. Grant, art by Val Lakey Lindahn
  • Trackdown by John F. Moore, art by Wendy Snow-Lang
  • Circus Story by Connie Willis (A "Home System" Story), art by N. Taylor Blanchard
  • A Lunar Cycle by Peg Libertus
  • Cartoons by Sandy Dean
These copies have a persistent fold, slight soiling and stains on the front cover. The rest of the pages are excellent.

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Vintage DOLL WASHBOARD 7x3.5 Wood Frame Metal Rub Board

Vintage DOLL WASHBOARD 7x3.5 Wood Frame Metal Rub Board - eBay (item 310113551149 end time Jan-07-09 19:15:02 PST)

This vintage doll-size washboard has a wooden frame and metal rub board. The upper front panel is marked, "Made in U.S.A." It's about seven inches high by three and a half inches wide and has seen a few laundry days in its time.

The upper back panel has patina and there's wear and a small dent in the corrugated part, some minor dents and a chip out of the wood frame.

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Entire Year 1985 ANALOG Science Fiction, Fact Magazine!

Entire Year 1985 ANALOG Science Fiction, Fact Magazine! - eBay (item 310113544302 end time Jan-07-09 18:40:16 PST)

This lot of 13 issues is the entire year of Analog Science Fiction Science Fact magazines from 1985, published by Davis Digests. Lots of great reading here. I went to list the highlights, leafed through January, saw some art and got sucked into a short story I couldn't put down till I read it all.

  • Serials
    • The Plague Star by George R.R. Martin (both parts in Jan, Feb)
    • Between the Strokes of Night by Charles Sheffield (all 4 parts in Mar-June)
    • Spinneret by Timothy Zahn (all 4 parts in July-Oct)
  • Novelettes (usually 2 per mag)
    • Painkillers by Joseph H. Delaney
    • The Singing of the Vestry, The Praying for the Sky by Rick Shelley
    • The Cajamarca Project by Charles Harness
    • Bluff by Eric G. Iverson
    • Field Trial by W.R. Thompson
    • Don't Get Around Much Anymore by Ray Brown

    • When the High Lord Arrives by Eric Vinicoff
    • Mother of the Year by James Gunn
    • Will of the Wisp by James Gunn
    • Earthgate by J. Brian Clarke
    • Trading Run by Walter L. Fisher

    • George Washington Slept Here by Charles L. Harness
    • Trader's Secret by Charles Sheffield
    • Y Games by Eric Vinicoff
    • Les Mortes D'Arthur by Eric G. Iverson
    • See Now, A Pilgrim by Gordon R. Dickson (novella)
    • Vilest Beast by Eric G. Iverson

    • Loaves and Fishes by George R.R. Martin (novella)
    • World of Crystal, Sky of Fire by Bob Buckley
    • The Road Not Taken by Harry Turtledove
    • Second Helpings by George R.R. Martin
    • The Darkling Plain by P.M. Fergusson
    • Runner by Bob Buckley

    • The Case of the Gring's Mill Goblin by Thomas R. Dulski
    • The White Box by Rob Chilson and Lynette Meserole
    • Manna From Heaven by George R.R. Martin
    • Rockabye Baby by S.C. Sykes
    • The Vicious Circle by Edward A. Byers
    • Fair Exchange by Phyllis Eisenstein
  • Science Fact
  • Short Stories
  • State of the Art
  • Reader's Departments
    • The Editor's Page
    • In Times to Come
    • On Gaming, Dana Lombardy
    • The Alternate View, G. Harry Stine
    • Biolog, Jay Kay Klein
    • The Reference Library, Tom Easton
    • Brass Tacks
    • The Analog Calendar of Upcoming Events
I didn't list the many short stories or their authors, or the Science Facts. These issues are in very good to excellent condition, most with the mailing label on the front cover.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vintage Lot of 40 METAL TAGS Antique Auto Shows Clubs!

Vintage Lot of 40 METAL TAGS Antique Auto Shows Clubs! - eBay (item 310113541640 end time Jan-07-09 18:29:42 PST)

Hey, antique car buffs! This lot of 40 vintage auto show tags came from many different exhibits in different states and one from Europe. All are made of metal except two plastic ones. One Safe Driving Award fabric badge is included.

The tags include:
  • H.C.C.A. Spring Meet, Monroeville Penna., small silver square, tarnished front, scratched back
  • Antique Car Parade, Somerset Fire Department, Somerset, Penna. Jubilee July 6-11, 1964, navy and brass rectangle
  • National Fall Meet, Hershey, PA. Oct. 7-11, 1970, white and gold rectangle, protective plastic front and back
  • 5th Annual Rod & Custom Show, Pittsburgh, Participation Award, Washington Timing Assoc. 1964, Pittsburgh, Penn, red and brass rectangle, peel and stick paper on back
  • 9th Annual Rod & Custom Show, Pittsburgh, Participation Award, Washington Timing Assoc. 1968, Pittsburgh, Penn, burgundy and silver rectangle, peel and stick paper on back

  • 3 River Region Roast, MARC, Muha's Farm, 8-22-65, green and yellow square, small chip of missing color
  • 3 River Region MARC Falling Waters Tour 6-27-65, blue and navy square
  • Olympia Contest Meet, May 17, 1970, # River Region MARC, burgundy and black square
  • Fall Tour Penn View Mt. R.R. Trip, 3 River Region MARC Oct. 17, 1965, greens with tan oak leaf square
  • 3 River Region Trophy Meet MARC 9-12-65, pink square on point, small scuff

  • American Trucking Assns. Safe Driving Award, No Accident 1 Year black and gold fabric patch
  • Penna 1964 Contest Meet, 3 River Region MARC Inc. Rose Twshp. April 19, 1964, tan fabric enclosed in plastic circle
  • Road Rally 4:70:19 Wash. County, black and green circle
  • Third European Holiday, London to Brighton Run, Oct. Nov. 1964, Antique Automobile Club of America, green and brass circle
  • 3 River Region Historic Tour Washington to Brownsville, 7-12-70, black and gold rectangle in protective envelope

  • 3 River Region Indiana County Historic Tour, Ewing's Mill, Penn View Mountain Railroad, September 13, 1970, black and gold rectangle in protective envelope
  • 3 River Region MARC Templeton Spring Tour, April 23, 1972, dark green and white rectangle in protective envelope
  • Sing Along MARC, Donegal, PA. 3 River Region, 2 Day Meet Sept. 1972, yellow and black rectangle in protective envelope
  • Meadowcroft Village, 3 River Region, Inc. MARC October 19, 1969, tan and black rectangle in protective envelope
  • Antique Auto Parade 1914-1964, Perryopolis, Pa. Sesquicentennial, brass and black rectangle in protective envelope

  • Canonsburg Independence Day Parade, July 5th, 1971, red, white and blue rectangle in protective envelope
  • 3 River Region MARC Picnik, July 24, 1966, Mallie's Grove, red and white rectangle, White Penn written on back
  • 3 River Reg. MARC Inc. Tour to Ewing's Mill, Indiana, Pa, Sept 17, '67, cream and black rectangle
  • 3 River Region MARC Tell-A-Photo Tour, Bushy Run, June 1972, red and yellow rectangle, tarnish squiggles on back
  • 3 River Region MARC Compass Rally, May 21, 1967, upright green rectangle

  • 3 River Reg. Inc. MARC, Contest Meet, 4-17-66, blue and white rectangle
  • Cadiz Ohio Tour, Apr 16, '67, 3 River Region, MARC, Inc., red and white rectangle
  • 3 River Region MARC, Old Economy, Pa., June 19, 966, Brady's Run Park, No Left Turn, brass and gray rectangle
  • Marc Lark, June 14, 1964, 3 River Region, Norwin S.C. Oakdale Pk., white and black rectangle, scrapes on back
  • Trophy Meet Corn Roast, August 1970, 3 River Region MARC, upright blue and black rectangle, dark squiggles on back edges

  • 1st Annual Trophy Meet, Niagara Falls Region MARC, June 5, 1966, teal and brass rectangle
  • Antique Auto Parade 4th Annual, Perryopolis, PA. 1965, brass rectangle, seller's address on tape on back
  • 3 River Region Canadian Tour, MARC Inc., Aug. 5-12, 1965, cream, red and blue rectangle
  • 3 River Region MARC Inc. 1st Place Meet, Mineral Beach, Sept. 20, '64, silver metal rectangle with clear beveled plastic on the front
  • Model "A" Restorers Club, Susquehanna Valley Region, Model "A" 50th Anniversary, July 16, 1978, 23rd Annual Jamboree, Williams Grove Park, PA., brass rectangle with peel-off protective plastic on front, thumbprints on back

  • 3 River Region Smoky Mt. Tour to 1969 MARC National Meet, Louisville, KY., green, blue and white rectangle
  • 3 same--Aug. 1967 Hot Springs, Ark to Pittsburgh, Penna, 3 River Region, 2500 Mile Tour to MARC National Meet, cream and navy rectangle, squiggles on back of one
  • 3 River Region 2 Day Meet, June 1970 Gettysburg, PA, our 10th Yr., gray, blue and yellow rectangle
  • AVCCO Antique Auto Show and Swap Meet, September, 1967, Akron, Ohio, big white and blue plastic square
Almost two pounds of tags! Seven tags are still in original protective envelopes, a couple have protective peel-off plastic.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

50-Yr-Old SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION Magazine Weird Monsters

50-Yr-Old SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION Magazine Weird Monsters - eBay (item 310113322761 end time Jan-06-09 19:17:27 PST)

This copy of "Super-Science Fiction" Vol. 3, No. 6, October, 1959 is labeled the "Weird Monster Issue!" This vintage bi-monthly magazine features a front cover by Ed Emshwiller. It's wall-to-wall stories with only four ads inside the covers and the back cover sells a mens Wonder Slim girdle-type belt.

  • Novelettes
    • The Loathsome Beasts by Dan Malcolm. They came from the sea, huge, hideous and hungry.
    • The Man Who Could Levitate by Abraham Stern. Jan had an extraordinary power. He had to be careful.
  • Short Stories
    • The Monsters Came by Night by Charles D. Hammer. They came to torment. They came in revenge!
    • Asteroid of Horror by James Rosenquest. It was the feeding ground of an abominable THING.
    • Flying Saucers in the Sea by F. X. Fallon. Skin-divers in an amazing underwater adventure.
    • The Great Secret by George H. Smith. What is it that a man doesn't wish to know?
    • The Insidious Invaders by Eric Rodman. Can a more inclusive form of life swallow up man?
  • Features
    • Is Russia Ahead on Anti-Gravity? by Scott Nevets
    • Science Shorts by Edgar P. Strauss
  • Cover by EMSH
  • Illustration by Emsh and Orban
This magazine issue is so pristine it looks like it was on the stands yesterday instead of 50 years ago. There is minor foxing on the back cover edges betraying its age.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rare SFWA BULLETIN #103, 24th Nebula Awards Special!

Rare SFWA BULLETIN #103, 24th Nebula Awards Special! - eBay (item 310112936530 end time Jan-06-09 19:56:39 PST)

This copy of The Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America is The 24th Annual Nebula Awards Special Souvenir Issue. It's Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 1989, Whole Number 103. American Editors were George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent. European Editor was Ian Watson. Professionally offset-printed on quality paper with a heavy glossy card stock cover and bound with staples, it features a front cover Nebula Award photo and back cover Ray Bradbury photo, both by Jay Kay Klein.

  • The 24th Annual Nebula Awards Ballot
  • The Nebula Award
  • From the First President, Damon Knight
  • SFWA at Twenty-Five, Greg Bear
  • About the Nominees
  • About the 1988 Grand Master (Ray Bradbury)
  • Past Nebula Award Winners
  • From the President, Greg Bear
  • Writing and the Law, Ellen M. Kozak
  • Market Report, Paul Di Filippo
This issue contains numerous ads for books coming out at the time, book publishers and magazines. The front cover has minor scuffing and edge wear. If you love you some Ray Bradbury, this is the issue for you.

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Rare SFWA FORUM #38, 39, 48 Science Fiction Newsletters

Rare SFWA FORUM #38, 39, 48 Science Fiction Newsletters - eBay (item 310112932039 end time Jan-06-09 19:19:01 PST)

These three issues of SFWA Forum are No. 38, February 1975; No. 39, March 1975; and No. 48, November 1976. Ted Cogswell edited the first two. The third seems to be the first issue taken over by someone identified only as Deb. Offset-printed, folded and bound with staples, they feature an old piece of art and old photo with funny caption, and art by William Rotsler. Interior illos are by S. Gross and Michael Bishop.

  • No. 38 (36 pages)
    • Editorial
    • From the Vice-President, "Buz"
    • Straw Vote on Suggested Changes in SFWA By-Laws and Procedures
    • SFWA Preliminary (Nominating) Ballot for 1974 Nebula Awards (ballot enclosed)
    • The Mortal Storm--letters from:
      • Craig Strete
      • Wilson Tucker
      • Arthur Clarke
      • Jim Gunn
      • Dick Lupoff
      • J. E. Pournelle and Associates
      • F. Clayton McCarty
      • Grant Carrington
    • Fixing Golf Balls for Fun and Profit by Andrew M. Stephenson (IBM Selectric repair)
    • Market Report
    • Nebula Awards Report
    • Cover is old print of pirate swarming a ship, labeled "offutt and the creditors"; interior illos by S. Gross and other old print snippets
  • No. 39 (18 pages)
    • Editorial
    • Straw Vote Results
    • From the Vice President, F.M. Busby
    • Obit for Hans Stefan Santesson
    • SFWA Elections 1975
    • The Pentagram Papers: Series VII--letters from:
      • Joanna Russ
      • Arthur C. Clarke
      • Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks--letters from:
        • Edward Wellen
        • James Gunn
        • Stephen Utley
        • Ruth Berman
        • Ursula Le Guin
        • Seth McEvoy
        • Jack Wodham
        • F.M. Busby
        • Lee Overstreet
        • Bob Ottum
        • Michael Bishop
        • andy offutt
        • John Brunner
      • Cover photos of three vets, labeled "SFWA Salutes her Departing Secretary"; cartoon by Michael Bishop
    • No. 48 (28 pages)
      • Editorial
      • News Release and Comment by Robert Bloch
      • From the President, Andrew J. Offutt
      • From the Secretary
      • New Members
      • From the Treasurer, Joan Hunter Holly
      • From the Grievance Committee, Jerry Pournelle
      • SFWA Nebula Awards Report
      • Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks--letters from:
        • Bob Silverberg
        • Jerry Pournelle
        • Jack Dann
        • R. Faraday Nelson
        • James Tiptree
        • Daniel Dern
        • Howard Goldsmith
        • Randall Garrett
        • Margaret St. Clair
        • John Brunner
        • F.M. Busby
      • Market Report
      • Cover by William Rotsler; interior illos are old print snippets
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