Thursday, September 11, 2008

1954 Vintage U.S. PHOTOANGULATOR Military Engineer Tool

1954 Vintage U.S. PHOTOANGULATOR Military Engineer Tool - eBay (item 310082789332 end time Sep-15-08 21:02:29 PDT)

This 1954 vintage U.S. Photoangulator was for military engineers, possibly for making maps. A paper label on the lid says, "Qty. 1 En. SNL-18-5520.500.500, Nom. Photo Angulator w/ Access Case. Preserved July 54. Casad Engineer Depot." A metal label in the case says, "Scientific Engineering Co., 653 Eleventh Ave., New York 19, NY."

It has a "Loading Plan for Photoangulator Chest" map in the lid that lists the seven parts and where they go in the case. They are:
  • 1 Photo Arm
  • 1 Template, Long
  • 1 Template, Short
  • 1 Slide Rule
  • 1 Photo Angulator
  • 1 Spanner Wrench
  • 4 Position Pins
It turns out the paper I photographed is an instruction sheet for Draft Seal for a door--nothing to do with this set at all. And what I took for crumpled scrap paper in a small pocket on the right side is a packing list that names those same parts.

The packing list also says, "SNL-18-5520.500.500 Photo Angulator Photogrammetric Tri-Metrogen Oblique, 9 x 9 In. Photograph with Accessories. Manual and Spare Parts Not Required."

With the crumpled packing list is a small see-through packet of four position pins. When you open the case, there's a strange scent of metal and old age and gun oil. It's the complete set. I saw only one other for sale online, listed at $125.

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