Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Little Book Type ORIGINAL ART 143 Panels, Wehrle!

Big Little Book Type ORIGINAL ART 143 Panels, Wehrle! - eBay (item 310062236533 end time Jun-30-08 21:12:55 PDT)

These panels are all the interior art for the 1981 self-published book Cauliflower Catnip by Joe Wehrle, Jr. The book was made like an old-time Big Little Book, printed on pulpy paper with a cartoon page for every page of text. The book received nice reviews by Cat Yronwode in "Comics Buyers Guide" and by Dale Luciano in "The Comics Journal."

One panel with a lot of old cars has been pasted up from photocopies to fit the space and the author's portrait is mostly a photocopy. Otherwise all the drawings are original inked pages with blue pencil showing how they were roughed in, and some white retouching added. There are 143 panels, including the title page.

The actual bound book shown in the first photo is not included in the sale of these panels, but we will include one of the printed color covers. The first photo also shows how one of the panels looked when printed on the pulpy paper with caption.

If you're a Big Little Book collector, you know this may be your only chance to get your hands on the complete original art for one!

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