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Vintage 1920 KNOW THYSELF Illustrated Old Self-Help HC!

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This vintage 1920 hard cover book Know Thyself by Prof. T. W. Shannon, A.M. provides "Vital Information for the Married and Marriageable of All Ages; a Word at the Right Time to the Boy, Girl, Young Man, Young Woman, Husband, Wife, Father and Mother; Also Timely Help, Counsel and Instruction for Every Member of Every Home." The spine says, "The Science of Human Life."

It was published by The S. A. Mullikin Company, Marietta, Ohio in 1920. This is the fifth version of the apparently popular book that was first published in 1904 by Hertel, Jenkins & Co. The 584 pages are profusely illustrated with photos and diagrams of the human body.

The advice has a very old mindset. For instance, there's a section on Passion telling the reader women never want sex, but only consent to accommodate their husbands. The recipes in the back for various ailments and cures are quite amazing. For instance:
How to Cure Hysterics--
Take the leaves of motherwort and thoroughwort, and the bark of poplar root; equal parts. Mix them in molasses, and take four of them when the first symptoms of disorder are felt, and they will effectually check it.
"The Cure of Syphilis" involved taking iodine or mercury! The book strikes me as fascinating, tiresome, alarming and naive by turns. It's a wholesome relic from a far different time in America.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter I: Life and It's Influences
  • Chapter II: Mother--Home
  • Chapter III: Etiquette
  • Chapter IV: Health and Good Form
  • Chapter V: Love, Adaptation and Courtship

  • Chapter VI: Ethics of the Unmarried
  • Chapter VII: Marriage
  • Chapter VIII: After Marriage
  • Chapter IX: Husband and Wife
  • Chapter X: Child Bearing

  • Chapter XI: The Family
  • Chapter XII: Children
  • Chapter XIII: The Young Man
  • Chapter XIV: Chastity and Unchastity
  • Chapter XV: Self-Pollution

  • Chapter XVI: Diseases Peculiar to Men
  • Chapter XVII: The Social Evil
  • Chapter XVIII: Climacteric Period

  • Medical Department
  • Chapter XIX: Dietetics
  • Chapter XX: Care of Children
  • Chapter XXI: Diseases Peculiar to Women
  • Chapter XXII: Diseases of the Respiratory Organs
  • Chapter XXIII: Diseases of the Organs of Circulation

  • Chapter XXIV: Diseases of the Organs of Digestion
  • Chapter XXV: Diseases of the Urinary Organs
  • Chapter XXVI: Diseases of the Nervous System
  • Chapter XXVII: Diseases of Organs of Locomotion
  • Chapter XXVIII: Skin Diseases and Fevers

  • Chapter XXIX: Treatment of Venereal Diseases
  • Chapter XXX: Story of Life
  • Chapter XXXI: Prescriptions
  • Chapter XXXII: Glossary and Index

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