Saturday, April 3, 2010

8 FLASHDANCE COLOR STILLS 8" by 10" Movie Scene Photos!

Each photo in this lot of 8 vintage Flashdance color stills has been protected in vinyl sleeves since the day we bought them in 1983 when the movie came out. They measure 8" by 10" and are marked, "Copyright ©MCMLXXXIII by Paramount Pictures Corporation, 830015." Details of the scenes:

  • 1 She interacts with the boss at work.

  • 2 She dances on stage at the club.

  • 3 She welds.

  • 4 She auditions for the school committee.

  • 5 Toting laundry, friend hassled to dance nude.

  • 6 Playing on the streets of Pittsburgh with the "Dancing Cop".

  • 7 Celebrating her acceptance at dance school with her lover.

  • 8 Musing in the kitchen with Grunt, the dog.