Monday, September 29, 2008

Soft Cover Reprint CAPTAIN BRITAIN Davis, Delano Comics

Soft Cover Reprint CAPTAIN BRITAIN Davis, Delano Comics - eBay (item 310088219550 end time Oct-04-08 19:21:58 PDT)

This vintage soft cover book Captain Britain by Alan Davis and Jamie Delano with introduction by Chris Claremont was published in 1988. Captain Britain was a Marvel comic for the UK.

From the introduction:
What you have here is a compendium of the final seventeen installment of Cap's UK run--for although a critical knockout, there just never seemed to be a sufficient audience to make his title viable. It begins with "Bad Moon Rising"--the aftermath of the classic "Jaspers Warp" story line that had run the previous year (and which remains to my mind one of the most emotionally powerful stories Alan Moore has ever written)--and concludes with "Should Auld Acquaintance"... And what do you get along the way? The formal introduction and evolution of Cap's lover, Meggan. The Crazy Gang. Vixen. Gatecrasher and her Technet. The final confrontation between Cap and his arch-foe Slaymaster. Yet another Satur-nyne. The Warpies. The RCX. King Croc and some shocking revelations about Brian's older brother, Jamie. Love and death, honour and glory, triumph and tragedy. And, of course, tea (and sympathy) at the Scott house.

Not to mention, some superb scripting by Jamie Delano--and last, but far from least, the art of Alan Davis.

So, in a very real sense, what you have here is about as good as this genre gets--top-notch stories, evocatively told, about people you care for and villains you can easily love to hate, with endings that move you. The power of simplicity. An entertainment.
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