Saturday, January 5, 2008

Antique 1880 Cast Iron HOME MINE HOIST Hand Crank Works

Antique 1880 Cast Iron HOME MINE HOIST Hand Crank Works - eBay (item 310012918391 end time Jan-12-08 19:57:16 PST)

This antique cast iron hoist was used in small or home mines to hoist loads up by hand. There's no maker's name on it, only old patent dates galore.

The inside handle arm is marked, "June 29, 1875" except the J is covered with an obscuring bit of metal. Above the brake handle it says, "July 13-80." Above the roller it says, "July 5, 81." And beside the clamp lever it says, "July 11-82."

This old tool still works! I forgot to photograph it with the crank handle up to show that it cranks all the way around. The wooden grip on the crank has a small crack near the outer end and is a bit bent so it looks wonky as it turns. Some miner must have cranked up some darn heavy loads of coal or shale to bend that handle.

The brake still locks and the clamp lever turns. The hoist kind of jingles when you turn the crank.

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Official HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEW RAG Cloth Doo Helmet Liner

Official HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEW RAG Cloth Doo Helmet Liner - eBay (item 310012900893 end time Jan-12-08 17:40:53 PST)

This official Harley-Davidson dew rag (doo rag or do rag) helmet liner is made of black fabric with the Harley logo all over it. It's new without tags, never worn, and still has the plastic store hang-it-up tag.

One label says, "Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles" in the logo and "Global Products, Inc." The other says, "85% Polyester 15% Cotton, Made in China." I see no size, but I'm a 5'8" woman and it fits me and would fit a bigger head.

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Vintage Style ORNATE PHONE Fancy Old-Fashioned, Works!

Vintage Style ORNATE PHONE Fancy Old-Fashioned, Works! - eBay (item 310012886914 end time Jan-12-08 15:55:50 PST)

This fancy telephone hearkens back to the days when you hung up a huge receiver on two upright bars. I see Bette Davis talking on one like this while wearing ruffles and rills, but I might be mixing my movies up.

The maker's label came off the bottom. It says, "American Telecommunications Corporation Deco-Tel Personal Telephones, El Monte, California. Patent Pending. Model No. ____ (not filled in)."

Other labels on the bottom say, "Western Electric Serial #H771179 CS Set. Complies with PT 68, FCC Rules. FCC Reg. No AS593M-70259-TE-R. Ringer Equivalence 1.0A." There's a switch to adjust the loudness of the ring and a socket where you plug in your phone line. The phone box stands on four small plastic tipped feet.

The black parts and the "wood" seem like plastic. I think the "gold" receiver parts might be plastic. The upright bars and dial are metal. We plugged it in and it works! The ring is as old-fashioned as the phone's ornate style.

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