Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vintage Style ORNATE PHONE Fancy Old-Fashioned, Works!

Vintage Style ORNATE PHONE Fancy Old-Fashioned, Works! - eBay (item 310012886914 end time Jan-12-08 15:55:50 PST)

This fancy telephone hearkens back to the days when you hung up a huge receiver on two upright bars. I see Bette Davis talking on one like this while wearing ruffles and rills, but I might be mixing my movies up.

The maker's label came off the bottom. It says, "American Telecommunications Corporation Deco-Tel Personal Telephones, El Monte, California. Patent Pending. Model No. ____ (not filled in)."

Other labels on the bottom say, "Western Electric Serial #H771179 CS Set. Complies with PT 68, FCC Rules. FCC Reg. No AS593M-70259-TE-R. Ringer Equivalence 1.0A." There's a switch to adjust the loudness of the ring and a socket where you plug in your phone line. The phone box stands on four small plastic tipped feet.

The black parts and the "wood" seem like plastic. I think the "gold" receiver parts might be plastic. The upright bars and dial are metal. We plugged it in and it works! The ring is as old-fashioned as the phone's ornate style.

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