Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nearly Complete Run WORLDS OF TOMORROW, SF Mag 1963-67!

Nearly Complete Run WORLDS OF TOMORROW, SF Mag 1963-67! - eBay (item 310107146545 end time Dec-12-08 19:17:02 PST)

These twenty issues of Worlds of Tomorrow edited by Frederik Pohl were published in 1963 to 1967. It's missing Vol 2 #5, Vol. 3 #5, and Vol 3 #7, otherwise is a complete run of this short-lived magazine.

There are novels by Arthur C. Clarke, Phil Dick and Larry Niven. As editor, Frederik Pohl obviously used his acquaintance with the leading authors in the field to bring in stories by:
  • Murray Leinster
  • Robert Silverberg
  • Brian W. Aldiss
  • Larry Niven

  • Philip K. Dick
  • Cordwainer Smith
  • Robert F. Young
  • Jack Williamson

  • Keith Laumer
  • John Brunner
  • Mack Reynolds
  • Arthur C. Clarke

  • Lester del Rey
  • Avram Davidson
  • Fritz Leiber
  • Philip Jose Farmer
These basically unread issues are in excellent condition with an occasional bumped corner and some foxing on edges from being shunted around through the years. The worst flaw is dark water stains on six spines.

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