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Vol 1 No 4 ANUBIS Fiction Fanzine Vaughn Bode Dead Bone

Vol 1 No 4 ANUBIS Fiction Fanzine Vaughn Bode Dead Bone - eBay (item 310108881605 end time Dec-18-08 18:31:34 PST)

This vintage science fiction fanzine Anubis Fantasy & Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 4 was published by Golden Goblin Press in Autumn, 1968. Editor: Paul J. Willis. Publisher: Ronald J. Willis. It features The History of Greeley by Mose Mallette and the beginning of Dead Bone by Vaughn Bodé. It also has stories by Robert M. Slater, Norman G. Markham and Gerald W. Page. Cover art by D. Bruce Berry.

  • Afreets & Asymptotes (Editorial)
  • The History of Greeley, by Mose Mallette, illos by Vaughn Bodé
  • Colloquy on a Field of Skulls (poem) by Philip Canning
  • The Huddlestone Horror, by Robert M. Slater
  • Chimera (poem) by Bennett Weinberg, illo by Tim Kirk
  • "When Gknorf, the kingly jester, sat..." (poem) by Bennett Weinberg
  • The Treason of Morn Connacht, by Carleton Grindle, illo by J. Johnson
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (poem en prose) by Philip Canning
  • The Murals, by Norman G. Markham, illo by Steve Hickman
  • The Madman (poem) by Roger Wilson Cook
  • Sea Dead (poem) by Emily Glen
  • Possible Sources for Lovecraftian Themes (article) by Ronald J. Willis
  • From the Diary of a Corpse (poem) by Philip Canning
  • Dead Bone, By Vaughn Bodé
  • Overhill Mountain, by Gerald W. Page, illo by Tim Kirk
  • The Perfumed Room, by Philip Canning
  • "What rattles now..." (poem) by Mercer M. McDowell, illo by Willis
  • Three Night Hours (poems) by Douglas Kames
  • The Egg, by L. E. Preston, illo by P. J. Willis
  • Letters
  • Bibliostasis -- books
The fanzine is 60 black and white offset-printed pages stapled together with a pale green wrap-around paper cover. Dead Bone by Vaughn Bode has a full-page hand-printed intro, three pages of diagrams of the dwellings and the comic strip fills the next two pages.

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