Friday, December 5, 2008

Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools!

Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools! - eBay (item 310105220740 end time Dec-05-08 18:23:09 PST)

This vintage metal tool chest is red metal with two paper graphics. The small one on the lid shows an old-fashioned boy using a wood plane, and it says, "Gilbert Big-Boy Tool Chest." The large inner lid graphic says the same thing, plus "No." (but the number isn't there), The A.C. Gilbert Company--New Haven, Conn. U.S.A. Made in America, Printed in U.S.A." Art deco accents surround an image of two old-fashioned boys building a small bookcase.

The inner lid graphic also shows lots of possible projects to make, like a sled, wagon, boat, shelf, dog house, etc. Someone wrote inside the lid in black crayon the price "2.50."

Contents include three of the original tools: small wooden level, small handsaw, six-inch metal square. Also in the box are an old painted wooden stand with a metal sign that says "Ski Jumper" of all things. There's also a pretty useless looking little metal device we'll just call a gizmo. If you have the tools and no chest, here's the chest and you're good to go.

The chest has much patina and soiling, dents and dings and a wonky corner on the lid. One of the two metal latches is missing. The handle has almost no original finish left. The small outer lid graphic has small bits missing and much age darkening. The inner lid graphic is still bright and has minor damage.

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