Friday, December 5, 2008

Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens

Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens - eBay (item 310105223258 end time Dec-05-08 18:32:03 PST)

This vintage Kodak Duaflex II twin-lens reflex camera has a nice wide viewfinder under the flip-up top. It gives you a bright, clear view of your subject despite scuffs on the front viewfinder lens and minor dust inside. There's a slider on the left with the slot marked "I" at the top end and "B" at the bottom end. The shutter button is on the right. A camera mount is on the bottom.

The front is marked, "Kodak Duaflex II Camera. Kodet Lens." Depress a latch to open the back and find this information:
Kodak Duaflex II Camera, T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Pats. U.S.A. D.E.S. 140,909 148,790 151,059 2,367,504 2,422,018 2,423,706 2,432,479 2,484,510
This Camera Does Not Take 120 Film
Use Kodak 620 Film
Made in Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company

  • Place empty spool in upper recess. Engage winding key.
  • Swing out lower spool holder. Place new roll between pins.
  • Break seal, draw paper, colored side up, over square opening to empty spool.
  • Insert end of paper in longer spool slot. Wind knob 2 turns. Close camera.
  • Wind to 1 in red window.
The camera is in very nice condition. Besides the scuffed front viewing lens and dust inside, the carry handle is missing. The shutter works fast and the film pins are both here.

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Jim said...

Is this camera for sale? If so, how much? Thanks!

Me said...

Can you tell me what year this camera was made?

Karen said...

The camera sold long since on eBay for $19.95. Keep watching and maybe you'll find another one.

I don't know what year the camera was made. According to on twin lens reflex cameras, Kodak Duaflex IV came out in 1957, so this Duaflex II was before that.

Hope this helps.

Vintage Cameras For Sale said...

I have this and other vintage cameras for sale.
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Karen said...

Hi, Vintage Cameras.
I see that. Very nice!