Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vintage REED'S ROCKET PECAN CRACKER Piston Nutcracker!

Vintage REED'S ROCKET PECAN CRACKER Piston Nutcracker! - eBay (item 310112122227 end time Jan-02-09 18:01:47 PST)

This metal piston-style nutcracker is embossed on the barrel, "Reed's Rocket Pecan Cracker, Pat. Pend." The screw bolt is adjustable for different size nuts. Lift the handle, insert nut between bolt and piston, depress the handle and Crunch!

There are remnants of pecan shell in the depressions, patina on all the metal parts and slight soiling and edge wear on the wooden base. The handle moves easily, good for cracking all the nuts you could ever need, not just pecans.

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Anonymous said...

appitingI couldnt find a price you were selling it for. I also have one and was trying to find out how much they were worth

Karen said...

This nutcracker was listed for $9.95 and sold for $10.50. Hope this helps.