Sunday, December 14, 2008


Vintage WINCHESTER CRYSTAL CLEANER BOTTLE Paper Label! - eBay (item 310108886351 end time Dec-18-08 19:05:16 PST)

This vintage glass bottle comes complete with air bubbles in the glass and a paper label. It says, "Winchester Red W Trade Mark Reg. in U.S. Pat. Off. Crystal Cleaner. For dissolving the Copper and Nickel fouling from gun barrels." Price per bottle, 25 cts."

Apply freely with vigorous and repeated rubbing until coloration disappears; then wipe dry and oil with Winchester "Gun Grease." This preparation will not injure the barrel, and should always smell strongly of ammonia.

Prepared in Laboratory of Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 2175
There's a stain on the label and the bottom right corner is missing. The back of the slim squared bottle is embossed, "Winchester." The mouth looks chipped, but it's smooth as silk. It has a big air bubble and smaller bubbles, typical of vintage glass.

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