Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Vintage BAYUK PHILADELPHIA PERFECTO Tin Litho Cigar Box - (eBay item 310009234282 end time Dec-25-07 17:01:13 PST)

Do you like old cigar boxes?

This vintage metal cigar box says, "Bayuk Philadelphia Perfecto Hand Made" on the lid. The lithographic designs on the sides and bottom repeat those words in red, black and gold borders and wood-grain centers.

Inside, the lid says, "Bayuk Philadelphia Hand Made Perfecto, 10 Cent--It's Ripe Tobacco! Manufactured by Bayuk Cigars Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. copyright Bayuk Cigars Incorporated, 1925."

The fine print on the box front says, "The cigars herein contained were manufactured to retail at more than eight cents each and not more than fifteen cents each and are so tax paid."

There's a liner in the bottom of very stiff paper or light cardboard covering the rusted tin bottom of the cigar box. The bottom has a small hole drilled in each corner that look like they were made by the manufacturer. Not shown in the photos is a hooked arm on the left to lock the lid in an upright position through a slot in the lid edge.

There are many scrapes all over and some stains on the lid, not surprising in a tin box this old. The bottom has much wear and rust. The lid has a few minor dents, good hinges and closes easily when you push in the front a bit.

Do the vintage graphics on this tin cigar box make you smile?

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