Sunday, December 9, 2007

Vintage CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES Engraved Metal Rims, Case!

Vintage CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES Engraved Metal Rims, Case! - (eBay item 310006697721 end time Dec-16-07 18:49:01 PST)

These vintage clip-on sunglasses have fancy engraved or embossed design around the metal rims that might be brass. There's no design on the bar that connects the lenses. They're flexible and measure four and a half inches wide when straightened out. I see no maker's mark.

The lenses are 39 mm high and 42 mm wide. The nose width is about 2 cm wide when the glasses are straightened out fully. The clips will fit around glasses up to 6 mm thick.

There's a half inch minor scratch in the green (Polarized?) covering on the left lens at the center top. The right lens has several smaller scratches in the middle. I didn't see them until I took a close look for condition.

The case is metal covered with shiny textured black fabric or paper with wine velvet lining. They say, "Kennedy Optical Co., Optical Specialists, Franklin - Oil City - Warren, PA."

Do these old clip-ons make you smile? See more photos on eBay.

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