Friday, December 21, 2007

Vintage SPUTNIK CIGAR BREATHER Keeps Cigar Lit Ashtray?

Vintage SPUTNIK CIGAR BREATHER Keeps Cigar Lit Ashtray? - (eBay item 310009657245 end time Dec-27-07 21:35:05 PST)

Do you like old smoking gear?

This vintage device is very heavy silvery metal with no maker's mark, only a small target design on the center bottom. Maybe it's an ashtray, but it looks like a sputnik and has four holes leading from the cup down through the four hollow legs.

There are two hollow tubes jutting out three sides of the bottom. The fourth side has two holes--one hollow and one seems plugged with rubber. I don't know if it's supposed to be that way or what.

The one inch long tube is where I'm supposing you place your lit cigar to keep it from going out. Perhaps the handle or bracket at the top is for tapping off your ashes.

The surface has numerous marks all over it like it's been banged around a good bit. It's small, only 3 1/2 inches high and feels like it weighs a ton, but it's 2 lbs. 1.3 oz.

Does this vintage cigar breather or whatever it is make you smile?

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