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4 Vintage PENNY DREADFUL Reprint PB Books Old Wild West

4 Vintage PENNY DREADFUL Reprint PB Books Old Wild West - eBay (item 310015981099 end time Jan-25-08 18:21:31 PST)

These four vintage paperback books reprinted famous five cent "Penny Dreadful" magazines from the opening of America's wild west. Each is a Gold Star Book published by The New International Library, Inc. I see no publication date, but they offered other books in this series through the mail for 50 cents each.

There are two novelettes per book:
  • No. 37, July 3, 1903
    • Young Wild West "Running the Gauntlet; or, The Pawnee Chief's Last Shot" by An Old Scout
    • Plus: "Dandy Dan of Deadwood and His Big Bonanza" by Noname
  • No. 81, May 6, 1904
    • Young Wild West's "Prairie Pioneers; or, Fighting the Way to the Golden Loop" by An Old Scout
    • Plus: "Bluejacket, The Boy Scout of the Wilderness" by Morris Redwing
  • No. 112, December 9, 1904
    • Young Wild West's "Green Corn Dance; or, A Lively Time with the Pawnees" by An Old Scout
    • Plus: "Pawnee Bill; or, The White Chief's First War Trail" by Paul Braddon
  • No. 128, (no date)
    • "Buffalo Bill's Double; or, The False Guide" by the author of "Buffalo Bill"
    • "Denver Dan to The Rescue" (no author name)
All four paperbacks have slight wear and age darkening. Two have indentations in the front covers.

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