Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Round Domed VICTORIAN GILDED BIRD CAGE 13-Inch Metal! - eBay (item 310018923808 end time Feb-05-08 20:05:21 PST)

This decorative Victorian thirteen-inch high gold-painted round and domed metal bird cage is not for housing any real live bird. There's a bar perch for a mechanical bird to grace your home. Perhaps you could put a plant inside, like ivy that could trail its leaves out through the bars.

I see no maker's mark anywhere. The domed lid opens when you undo a metal latch. At the top of the cage is a very strong metal hook to hang the cage. The front door has a latch that looks like it works, but it seemed reluctant to move, so I didn't force it.

It's entirely metal except for a wooden part between the lid and hook. The wire is twisted on the sides, straight on the bottom. There is fine mesh around the bottom band, top band and lining the lid. The perch is a thin flat bar. The gold isn't bright, but rather aged and muted.

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