Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vintage SINGER MANUAL Model 1022, 1021 Sewing Machine

Vintage SINGER MANUAL Model 1022, 1021 Sewing Machine - eBay (item 310018200379 end time Feb-26-08 10:06:26 PST)

This vintage manual is marked, "Instruction Manual and Accessories, Full Zig-Zag Sewing Machine, Free-arm Model 1022 or Flat-bed Model 1021 Singer." It was a good model machine I used for years as a professional tailor. There are likely more of them out there ready to give you good service.

  • Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine
    • Principal Parts--And What They Do
    • Accessories--And When to Use Them
  • Getting Ready to Sew
    • Preliminary Steps
    • Choosing Needle and Thread
    • Threading Your Sewing Machine
  • Straight Stitching
    • Adjusting Selectors
    • Sewing a Seam
  • Zick-Zack Stitching
    • Satin Stitching
  • Twin-Needle Stitching
    • Preparation
    • Threading the Needle
  • Buttons and Buttonholes
    • Buttons
    • Buttonholes
  • Sewing the Professional way
    • Lingerie, Seam finishes
    • Hints on Sewing Special Fabrics
    • Construction Details
    • Applique, Attaching elastic
    • Free Arm Sewing
    • Keeping Up Appearances
  • Caring for Your Machine
    • Cleaning the Machine
    • Removing Bobbin Case, Face Plate and Bulb
    • Performance Checklist
The booklet has minor crinkles and age discoloration after all these years. The machine may have been new in the seventies or eighties. I'm guessing the age from the fashion illustrations on a couple pages. (Yes, I had the machine myself, but when I can't say. I got it used. I can sew quite well, but track time? Forget it.)

Do you have this Singer sewing machine? Here's the book for it.

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lauren said...

I have that sewing machine, i got it from a lady down the street for free, it allegedly still works great. (I wanna do things the smart way though and prime it for use if it hasnt been used in a while) Are you looking to get rid of it perhaps? I'd love to give it a wonderful home :)

Karen said...

Hi lauren,
If you mean you want the book, sorry, it sold a long time ago. That model sewing machine seems to be an oldie but goodie.