Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vintage LOONY LOOP PUZZLE in Orig Box, 8-Step Diagram!

Vintage LOONY LOOP PUZZLE in Orig Box, 8-Step Diagram! - eBay (item 310025613254 end time Feb-28-08 19:53:41 PST)

This vintage puzzle was made in Japan out of silvery finish metal and a nylon cord. Patent No. 172310. The box bottom says
The loony-loop puzzle has been scientifically engineered to provide years of good entertainment for ages seven to seventy.
Excellent therapy for the convalescent.
Bright plated finish for lasting beauty.
Accept the challenge: try to remove and replace the nylon band without reading the instructions.
It comes with the original box and instruction sheet. There is a diagram for each of the eight steps for putting on and taking off the nylon loop.

The loop isn't on/in the puzzle right now. It's just barely attached, ready to be dealt with by you, the puzzle-lover.

The puzzle is in great shape. The box has many bends, a big hole and some pinholes in the lid and moisture stains. The instruction sheet is torn halfway across, creased and bent, but all there.

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