Monday, March 10, 2008

Old Marvel STRANGE TALES #163 Nick Fury by Jim Steranko

Old Marvel STRANGE TALES #163 Nick Fury by Jim Steranko - eBay (item 310030930512 end time Mar-17-08 17:58:47 PDT)

Strange Tales #163 features Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Strange. Front cover art by Steranko. This is an unread copy that's been in our collection since it came out. This Marvel issue in near mint condition is listed at $60.00.

Agent of SHIELD art is by Jim Steranko. Doctor Strange art is by Dan Adkins. This issue also features fifties villain The Yellow Claw fighting Nick Fury.

This copy has great cover gloss, square corners and almost no visible stress marks at spine. The age darkening is very minor, mostly at the cover edge. There's a small impression mark (from sorting machine?) on Yellow Claw's gun.

In the first picture makes it appears there are white lines along the top edge of the front cover. We took a photo close-up that better shows the white line is very minor. You have to look close in real life to see it at all.

We try to grade fairly and feel this should be graded at near mint. We're listing it at a conservative starting price considering its condition--a really wonderful, crisp copy for your collection.

Click the link under the picture to see this Nick Fury comic or click the link above the picture to see all Nick Fury comics currently on eBay.

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