Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vintage 1991 ROLLERBLADE BARBIE Doll New in Box #2214!

Vintage 1991 ROLLERBLADE BARBIE Doll New in Box #2214! - eBay (item 310039696997 end time Apr-15-08 19:36:45 PDT)

This is a vintage Rollerblade Barbie still in the original box. The side of the box says, "©1991 Mattel, Inc., El Segundo, CA 90245 U.S.A. Made in China. Manufactured for Mattel. All Rights Reserved..." The rebate notice on the front said the offer expired 3/31/93 so you know this is a vintage doll, No. 2214.

The banner across the box front says, "Barbie Rollerblade Skates flicker 'n flash!" Inside the box is a big pink hairbrush for Barbie and what looks like little gloves that match her headband and blouse ruffle.

She stands 12 inches high in her rollerblades and looks cute in her white vinyl crop top and shorts with hot pink belt and trim, hot pink earrings, knee pads and rollerblades. She has a single braid and long loose hair.

The back of the box says, "Make skates flicker 'n flash! Just hold doll's skates and roll!"

Click the link under the picture to see this Barbie doll or click the link above the picture to see all Barbie dolls currently on eBay.

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