Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vintage Wood KITZMILLER ACCOUNT FILE Bill Holder Spike!

Vintage Wood KITZMILLER ACCOUNT FILE Bill Holder Spike! - eBay (item 310040845535 end time Apr-19-08 18:19:16 PDT)

This old office tool is a hinged wooden spindle system for holding billing paperwork. The metal label on top says, "Write us before your supply of fillers are exhausted. Kitzmiller & Co. Account File, Unityville, Penna. U.S.A."

The metal label on the back says:
The Kitzmiller Account File. This is the shortest and easiest way of keeping accounts, the bills are always itemized ready for settlement, is the cheapest form without question, and used today by more business concerns throughout the world than all other forms combined, our supplies are cheaper and will always fit the file, besides, we furnish FREE A SET OF INDEX with each order of 2000 or more of renewals. Write us before your entire supply is exhausted. Agents wanted. Kitzmiller & Co. Manufacturers, Unityville, PA. U.S.A.
There's a paper label pasted on the bottom telling how to use the system. None of the original account fillers are here. I imagine they haven't been manufactured in decades.

The wood has some wear, especially on the edges. The paper label instructions are worn away on some edges and there's a loose bit near the bottom. The hinges are strong and working, the spindles are solidly attached and meet properly.

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