Friday, May 2, 2008

1942 BULLETMAN #11 Mighty Midget Comic Fawcett 4X5-Inch

1942 BULLETMAN #11 Mighty Midget Comic Fawcett 4X5-Inch - eBay (item 310047312100 end time May-09-08 19:02:45 PDT)

This little Mighty Midget comic features Bulletman the Flying Detective. This and the other titles in this series were ALL marked #11. The cover says, "34 Action-Filled Pages Featuring--Bulletman and Bulletgirl!" It's a Fawcett Publication published in 1942.

The Mac Raboy cover shows a tiny logo on the bottom right with a shield and the words, "Be An American." The back cover is plain except for the image of a stamp that says, "For Victory. Buy United States War Bonds and Stamps."

The centerfold (see third picture) was missing from this copy, but we have scanned one from another copy and printed it out back-to-back like the original on similar aged pulpy paper.

About half the pages are black and white, the other half black and white and red. It's a nice solid copy.

Does this special vintage Mighty Midget comic book make you smile?

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