Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vintage STANLEY MAGNETIC CLEANER Clothes Brush, Sleeve!

Vintage STANLEY MAGNETIC CLEANER Clothes Brush, Sleeve! - eBay (item 310049635870 end time May-15-08 18:40:25 PDT)

This vintage Stanley Magnetic Cleaner comes in the original pasteboard sleeve. The cleaner works by static electricity, I think. Men who worked in powdered metal plants used these cleaners to dust powdered metal off their work clothes before heading home.

The cleaner back says, "Magnetic Cleaner. Stanley Quality +, Westfield, Mass. Patent Pending, Made in U.S.A." A patent number is impressed in the side.

The working surface is five wavy half-inch deep plastic ridges. I just rubbed the cleaner vigorously on the sleeve of my supposedly-clean light gray hoodie I'm wearing and was shocked to see the ridges coated with light gray dust.

The pasteboard sleeve has marvelous vintage graphics. The sleeve is in pretty poor condition with much wear and a big piece missing off one side. It says, "Cleans all kinds of fabrics safely. Cleans quickly by an entirely new principle. Quality Plus Stanley, Westfield, Mass. A Guaranteed Product."

The sleeve back lists the uses:
  • For Furniture
  • For Rugs
  • For Automobile Upholstery
  • Easy to Clean
There's supposed to be a bristle brush to clean the Cleaner, but that's not here. "Use soft, damp cloth or chamois if more thorough cleaning is desired." One side says:
Our Policy

Stanley + products are made from quality materials under clean, sanitary and wholesome conditions by happy and contented people. Each article is guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.
Signed, F. Stanley Beveridge, President

The other side of the sleeve has a quote by Longfellow, but part of it was printed on the piece that's missing.

This vintage Stanley Magnetic Cleaner fabric "brush" works like new.

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