Monday, June 2, 2008

Vintage BLACKBALL VOTE BOX, Marbles Club Voting System!

Vintage BLACK BALL VOTE BOX, Marbles Club Voting System - eBay (item 310056018088 end time Jun-07-08 18:10:33 PDT)

This vintage wood and fiber board box and black and white marbles were used for secret voting in men's clubs for accepting or rejecting new members. A blackball was a No vote. There's no maker's mark.

The bottom has a hole as if it was mounted on a post perhaps. The bottom front opens to reveal the vote tally. The ledge with the curved shield can come out when the bottom door is open. There are 26 marbles: 19 white, 9 black.

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hi there said...

You have it on its side. The hole is where a handle should be placed so it can be passed around by one of the officers of the club while each member votes. often the black balls are cubes so the member can reach in and vote without looking.

Karen said...

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info!