Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vintage MILITARY CARGO PANTS 34/32 Made in W. Germany!

Vintage MILITARY CARGO PANTS 34/32 Made in W. Germany! - eBay (item 310060646623 end time Jun-24-08 18:31:34 PDT)

This pair of military pants with cargo pockets has two labels inside: a cotton one sewed to the front pocket says, "K. Begemann." The satiny one says, "Made in W. Germany. 85% Wool 15% Polyester" and shows care symbols for Do not wash, Do not bleach, Iron, and one with a P in a circle (dry clean in Perc?).

I know these are old because West Germany dissolved in the early nineties. I don't know if they were for an American or German soldier or what. Do you know? Clue me in, please.

They're well-made with a button fly, button-down pocket flaps, snaps in the leg hems. The waist has tabs and buttons so you can make the pants up to four inches tighter. Are the tabs and buttons inside the waistband for the same purpose? There are snaps in the leg hems to cinch them smaller.

The color is a tan/green/rust blend that's not as dark as the dark photos or as light as the light photos. Some of the buttons are brown, others green. None missing!

I made no attempt to get them drycleaned, so I don't know if the stains will come out. I didn't resew the seat seam or repair the three three-corner tears, but they'd be easy for any tailor. I should know. I am one. I left them alone in case you'd want the tears rewoven for complete invisibility.

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