Friday, August 22, 2008

Vintage Sculptured Bronze BUCK DEER BELT BUCKLE 1.75 In

Vintage Sculptured Bronze BUCK DEER BELT BUCKLE 1.75 In - eBay (item 310077524949 end time Aug-27-08 18:37:10 PDT)

This vintage belt buckle is solid bronze with a stag or buck deer in 3-D on it. The back is marked, "SL Knight Sculpture, Salt Lake City, Utah. Crafted by Shallizar. ©1978. Solid Bronze.

The buck has excellent detail in his hide, eye and rack. The background is rough like bark with smooth lighter-color borders on each side that could use a good polishing.

There's a hook and loop for a 1 3/4-inch belt on the back. This belt buckle is very heavy. Would you or one of your hunting buddies enjoy wearing it?

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cham said...

Hi,The person that did this piece of work went by (Shallizar".
He is now deceased.
These are wonderfully well made,of heavy cast Bronze.
If you spend the next few years looking,you'll seldom see them for sale....He made many different animal head types.
I own two of his pieces.
The Kodiac bear.
The Dall Ram.
I wanted to take a moment to correct a bit of the posted info here.
This isn't done in any 3D.
It's done in relief...
The buckle is large.
It's isn't any 1.75"...
The 1.75' is the belt width that will fit.
The buckle is a manly 2.75 tall by 3" long... Very hefty...
The image on this particular piece,is of a Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra americana).
Not a Deer.....
If you ever come across any of these Sallizar pieces.. I'd grab it.
Even on the big ole Ebay.. They are rarely seen.....

Karen said...

Hi cham,
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and admiration for this artist. May you find even more of his pieces for your collection.