Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cap Stubbs, Tippy ORIGINAL COMIC ART Edwina 'Oh My!!'

Cap Stubbs, Tippy ORIGINAL COMIC ART Edwina 'Oh My!!' - eBay (item 310089350912 end time Oct-08-08 18:21:31 PDT)

This Cap Stubbs & Tippy comic strip original by Edwina Dumm was published in newspapers in the late 1950s. It's one long strip that wouldn't fit in the scanner. The title is "Oh, My!!" It shows Cap Stubbs, Grandma, and the dog Tippy.

The first panel has the hand-printed date "3-8" which agrees with the top margin date of "Tue Mar 8." She wrote the title, "Oh, My!!" in the top margin and there's also an alternative title, "Lab O Ra Tories." Note the numerous push pin holes where she tacked it to her drawing board while creating the art.

The sticker in the second to last panel says, "The George Matthew Adams Service, Inc." which was the name of her syndicate. She signed this strip behind Cap in the first panel.

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