Sunday, November 9, 2008

BOUZOUKI LIQUOR BOTTLE Greek Musical Instrument Shape!

BOUZOUKI LIQUOR BOTTLE Greek Musical Instrument Shape! - eBay (item 310099308980 end time Nov-14-08 19:21:31 PST)

This unique Greek liquor bottle is shaped like a Greek bouzouki musical instrument. Two Greek words are embossed on the bottom. I can't reproduce the letters here. The label on the front says, "Bouzouki."

The bottle came to me in a filthy condition. The thin yellow paint highlighting the frets was also in the back body ridges, but as I cleaned the bottle up, they washed off. Oops.

The design on the body front is paper or plastic. Small areas of the design are missing. It's a fascinating shape that looks good from all angles.

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Anonymous said...

You can still buy these bottles in the normal bottle shop.
I got one last week for my friends birthday.

Karen said...

Ah! Thanks for the information!