Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vintage HANDY ANDY TOOL CHEST Wooden Kids Set, Mixed Up

Vintage HANDY ANDY TOOL CHEST Wooden Kids Set, Mixed Up - eBay (item 310099613151 end time Nov-15-08 20:12:21 PST)

This Skil-Craft wooden tool chest has the original paper label on the lid showing the contents and placement of the tools. It says, "Handy Andy 20 Piece Carpenter's Tool Chest. No. 194. Ages 8 and Up." Contents as Shown
  • Hand Saw (here)
  • Claw Hammer (not here)
  • Try Square (not here)
  • Forged Pliers (here)

  • Folding Ruler (here)
  • "C" Clamp (here)
  • Metal Block Plane (here)
  • Phillips and 2 Regular Screwdrivers (1 Reg. not here)

  • Spirit Level (here)
  • Two Chisels (here)
  • 2 Gimlets (one here)
  • Brace (here)

  • Bits (here)
  • Mitre Box (not here)
  • Mitre Saw (here)
  • Wooden Mallet (not here)

Other things are in the box:
  • Metal Hack Saw
  • Pack of tacks, nails

The tool box is from "Skil-Craft, a division of Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin 53404. ©1978 Western Publishing company, Inc." And there's a warning: "CAUTION--Some tools contain functional sharp points and/or edges. Handle all tools carefully. Adult supervision recommended."

This set of tools has been used. The paper label on the lid is wrinkled and scraped, there are scratches on the back. Two strips of wood that were meant to hold the screwdrivers and chisels in place are lying loose in the box. So, first job a new owner can do is repair the box!

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