Saturday, February 21, 2009

1976 Mattel 32-In SPACE: 1999 EAGLE 1 SPACESHIP in Box!

1976 Mattel 32-In SPACE: 1999 EAGLE 1 SPACESHIP in Box! - eBay (item 250377749896 end time Feb-24-09 18:39:36 PST)

This huge plastic Mattel toy from 1976 is almost complete with original box. The box says, "Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Spaceship. Over 2 1/2 feet long! With 3 characters from Moon Base Alpha! Mattel No. 9548. For Ages Over 3."

The back of the box lists all the original parts of the set (we note what's missing in parentheses):
  • 2 1/2 ft. Space Vehicle & living quarters with detachable command & engine modules
  • Plus 3 TV characters from Moon Base Alpha: Commander Koenig, Dr. Russell and Prof. Bergman. (One man is missing. We have Barbara Bain and the upper half of the professor.) Characters are poseable, stand 3" tall, wear space suits with helmets. Set includes labels & complete assembly instructions. (Instructions are gone, all labels have been applied and one has come off.)
  • Hatch
  • Weapons Rack (missing)
  • 2 Chairs
  • 8 Landing Skids
  • 4 Steering Jets
  • 4 Stun Guns, 1 Laser Rifle! (all missing)
  • Space Crane
One of the four small rockets on the underside is missing. There are yellow stains, apparently from the aging glue. One of the hatch doors has part of the hinges missing so it will close and stay closed, but when opened, it falls off. The box has tape, torn end flap, some crushing, and a cat clawed some of the edges.

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jjm said...

Can you post some pictures of the box? I know this sounds aunt was a photographer and had me in when I was 5 (in 1975) for a photo shoot with the toy. If there is a kid wearing a dark turtleneck on the back of the box playing with the Eagle's me.

Anyhow. Would be cool to see if I just imagined it or not.

Karen said...

Hi jjm,
Sorry, the photos I took are long-gone now except for this first one. Wish I could see them, too. I don't remember what the back of the box showed. It WOULD be cool to see you!