Sunday, February 8, 2009

BOLEX P1 ZOOM REFLEX 8mm Movie Camera, Leather Case!

BOLEX P1 ZOOM REFLEX 8mm Movie Camera, Leather Case! - eBay (item 310121109425 end time Feb-11-09 18:18:49 PST)

This vintage video camera is a 1962 Bolex 8 mm Video Camera made by Paillard in Switzerland, serial number 948312. The lens was made in France and is a SOM Berthiot Pan-Cinor 8-40mm f/1.9 zoom lens. There is film in the camera. The red-brown leather case was made in England.

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I have no idea how to operate it. I'm able to focus the split screen easily. If you want to know if the motor works, tell me what settings to make and what buttons to push.

It appears to be in very good condition. The ASA selector dial is cracked. It has a lens cap, lens hood, but no rubber eye cup. I don't see the hand crank the site mentions and I don't see how to open the spot where it should go.

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