Sunday, December 2, 2007

Vintage 12 K GOLD EYE GLASSES Engraved Wire Frame, Case

Vintage 12 K GOLD EYE GLASSES Engraved Wire Frame, Case - (eBay item 310004344028 end time Dec-09-07 19:16:03 PST)

This pair of gold eye glasses feature bifocal lenses and flexible wire temples that wrap around your ears. Engraved on the inside of the temples are the words, "1/10 12 K G.F." There's a small symbol also, but I couldn't make it out. They come in a hard leather case.

The lens width is 45 mm, the lens height is 41 mm, the temples measure 117 mm from the lens to the middle back of the ear piece. The lenses are 24 mm apart and the nose pads are 18 mm apart.

There's a design carved into the temples and the bridge is a plain narrow bar. There's no frame around the lower part of the lenses. Screws through holes in the lenses attach the nose pads and the frame. These glasses are almost weightless.

The coolest thing about this style of eye glass temples is the way the glasses stay on your head even if you turn upside-down. If you're sick of your spectacles falling off, these are for you.

See more photos on eBay.

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