Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vintage Ornate BRASS PEACOCK PILL BOX Five Compartments

Vintage Ornate BRASS PEACOCK PILL BOX Five Compartments - eBay (item 310020886557 end time Feb-12-08 18:07:15 PST)

This vintage brass peacock pill box features five compartments decorated with small peacocks surrounding a larger central peacock. I see no maker's mark anywhere. I could believe it comes from India or another Hindu country because it's so ornate. Besides the six peacocks, there is an elephant head with upraised trunk for good luck on the five legs.

How does it open? Turn the central peacock to unscrew the bolt beneath him. This frees up little tabs so the five compartment lids can be lifted. The compartments are curved leaf shapes about a quarter inch deep. The lids are curved leaf shapes that are another quarter inch deep or high.

Not all the lids open all the way. Maybe you could tinker with that if you want more finger room. I feared breaking something, so didn't mess around. You could use these five compartments for organizing pills for five days, or for five different kinds of pills.

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