Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old Unused TINY CHARLEY PUNCHBOARD Cigarette Jackpot!

Old Unused TINY CHARLEY PUNCHBOARD Cigarette Jackpot! - eBay (item 310047556343 end time May-10-08 17:25:35 PDT)

This unused vintage punchboard says, "Tiny Charley, 66 Winners, Jackpot Pays 1500 Cigarettes, 500 Cigarettes, 100 Cigarettes. 25 cents per punch. Six numbers on each ticket."

The label on the back says, "Tiny Chas, Cigarette, Your Punch is Here. White, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Green. Op. Serial Size Color 3970 360 (scribbled initials), Made in U.S.A."

I'm unsure exactly how it works. I think it's made of cardboard or compressed paper, but it feels like a board. There are fourteen lines along each side which made me wonder if there are fourteen punchboards. I don't want to dig at it to see if it comes apart.

It was wrapped in a clear plastic bag for decades and had a sticker and black marker handwriting that left darker red on the faded punchboard front. The writing said, "11-15-98 $25.00."

Do you understand how this vintage Tiny Charley Cigarettes Jackpot Punchboard works?

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