Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vintage Philip Morris CIGARETTES HUMIDORPAC Tin Can!

Vintage Philip Morris CIGARETTES HUMIDORPAC Tin Can! - eBay (item 310047551231 end time May-10-08 16:52:51 PDT)

This vintage metal Philip Morris cigarettes can has an old-fashioned classy look in tobacco brown and gold. The lid says, "Philip Morris Humidorpac, 50 Cigarettes. Keep Lid Closed."

The front says, "Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. Incorporated. Established--Over 90 Years. Special London Selection. English Blend Cigarettes. Manufactured by Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. Inc., New York."

The back says, "Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. Inc. English Blend. These cigarettes are manufactured from a blend of the finest tobaccos obtainable. Guaranteed to be free from any deleterious flavoring. None genuine unless the initials of our firm PM&Co are printed on each cigarette."

One side says, Keep Cover Tightly Closed. By restoring the lid to original tightness by firm finger pressure each time opened, factory freshness of cigarettes may be preserved indefinitely." The other side has fine print and "Factory No. 7 District of VA., Made in U.S.A."

It doesn't smell much like cigarettes inside, more like old dresser drawers. I don't know exactly how old it is except it came out 90 years after Philip Morris & Company was founded.

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