Sunday, June 22, 2008

E.R. Burroughs TARZAN JEWELS OF OPAR McClurg, Facs DJ!

E.R. Burroughs TARZAN JEWELS OF OPAR McClurg, Facs DJ! - eBay (item 310061360778 end time Jun-27-08 18:28:11 PDT)

This A.C. McClurg first edition, first state 1918 hard cover copy of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by Edgar Rice Burroughs comes with a facsimile DJ. All eight J. Allen St. John illustrations are in this edition.

Editor Robert H. Davis gives this summary: "The ape man goes back after more of the forgotten ingots in the treasure vaults of the ancient city of Opar and discovers a room full of jewels after being injured during an earthquake and losing his memory. A Belgian murderer and an Arab raider join forces to abduct Lady Greystoke and ruin Tarzan. Basuli is there, and Mugambi, with other old friends of the family. Cadj, the high priest of Opar, probably the coarsest hidden city diplomat that ever reigned, because of his jealously of Tarzan, spills all the beans that one man can spill in one volume. Tarzan triumphs."

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