Sunday, June 22, 2008


Vintage LEE BULLET LUBRICATING AND RESIZING KIT #358! - eBay (item 310061355763 end time Jun-27-08 18:08:40 PDT)

This Lee Bullet Lubricating and Resizing Kit #358 comes in the original box with instructions and a Lee catalog. The box is marked, "Lee Precision, Inc., Hartford, Wisconsin 53027." There's no caliber indicated, only the kit number 358.

  • Lub Pan
  • Lub Cutter
  • Accurate Resizing Die & Punch
  • 2 Oz. Alox Bullet Lubricant
  • Complete Instructions
Instructions: Bullets must be lubricated or your gun will be fouled with lead.
  1. Stand the bullets base down in the lub pan.
  2. Pour melted lubricant until it covers the grease grooves.
  3. After the lubricant cools, cut the bullets free with the lub cutter.
  4. Place the bullet point first into the resizer and drive it through the die with the resizer punch.
The instruction sheet includes directions for using a bullet mold that's not included in this kit. The lube is in the original box, unused, and the original wrapper is oily.

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