Monday, April 6, 2009

Rare DARK BROTHERHOOD JOURNAL 3 Arkham Hs, Weird Tales!

Rare DARK BROTHERHOOD JOURNAL 3 Arkham Hs, Weird Tales! - eBay (item 310133722051 end time Apr-12-09 19:20:00 PDT)

This 1973 copy of The Dark Brotherhood Journal #3 was published by George H. Record who started an organization for fans of Weird Tales magazine, Arkham House books and other macabre fiction and called it The Dark Brotherhood. The name came from an Arkham House book of stories and articles by and about H.P. Lovecraft. After producing a number of newsletters and several of these journals, George Record seemed to disappear and the organization was no more. We think these journals were produced in a very limited quantity because we have a membership roster which only listed 116 persons as members, including some famous-name honorary members. Cover by Craig Robertson.

  • Ave (editorial) by George H. Record
  • Lovecraft in the British Thriller by Edward S. Lauterbach
  • Atlantis: The Temple by Edward S. Lauterbach
  • Witch House by Edward S. Lauterbach
  • Reprinting the Classics by J.B. Post
  • The Second Passenger by Basil Copper
  • About Bram Stoker by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. (includes a bibliography of Stoker's work)

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