Monday, July 20, 2009

ORIGINAL ART Arkham Frontispiece Princess of All Lands!

ORIGINAL ART Arkham Frontispiece Princess of All Lands! - eBay (item 250468470140 end time Jul-24-09 19:39:57 PDT)

This vintage Arkham House original art by Joe Wehrle, Jr. was the frontispiece for The Princess of All Lands by Russell Kirk, published in 1978. Joe hand-drew the lettering and taped it to the original which is drawn on one-ply 100% linen rag Strathmore board. The publishers slathered rubber cement on it and affixed the Arkham House logo and title. The red handwriting notations are for the printer. The original is affixed to a heavier piece of chipboard to keep it from wrinkling.

Joe Wehrle, Jr. is noted for work in Galaxy and IF digest science fiction magazines, covers and interior illustrations in Arkham House and Mirage Press books, illustrations for Burroughs-oriented journals and on a lighter note, the story and drawings in the Big Little Book Cauliflower Catnip.

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