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Vintage THE HOUSEHOLD PHYSICIAN, VOL I Illus HC, Charts - eBay (item 310015200199 end time Jan-22-08 19:35:50 PST)

The Household Physician, A Twentieth Century Medica, Vol I was published in 1931 by Brofly Press in Buffalo, New York. It's a big, heavy hardcover with loads of black and white drawings and diagrams of body parts, some color drawings, some photos, and a many-page cross-section diagram of the structures in the human head, another of the body.

Sample text:
Sex of Child--How to Regulate Before Birth

When a Male Child is Desired.--Before cohabitation the husband should eat nothing but good substantial food, take long, hard exercise in the open air, read light literature, abstain from indulgences for some time before the procreative period. The wife should abstain from animal food but should eat vegetables and farinaceous articles of diet, exercise daily until almost fatigued and pass the time with older females than herself.

When a Female Child is Desired.--Exactly the opposite course should be taken. The wife should eat the most stimulating food, should not indulge the passions, and should reserve her whole vigor and strength for the desired time. The husband should take violent exercise until fatigued and a hot bath every night.

After pregnancy the wife should eat little meat but should live mostly on farinaceous food and take short walks in the open air, but not enough to get tired, and should sleep as much as possible.

Does this vintage book of medical advice make you smile?

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