Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vintage PHILCO TRANSITONE Table Model 51-530 For Parts!

Vintage PHILCO TRANSITONE Table Model 51-530 For Parts! - eBay (item 310024637719 end time Feb-25-08 17:57:50 PST)

This Philco Transitone table-top radio is Model 51-530 in a cream-colored plastic case. It isn't fully functional. Several tubes light up and it hums, and the volume adjusts, but it seems like the tuning mechanism doesn't select stations. If you look at the back, the wires there look like they've been messed with. The radio is AM only.

The back is gone. The label on the bottom says, "Philco Model 51-530, Code 121, 115 Volts A.C. or D.C. 20 Watts. It shows a diagram of the five tubes and where they go. The tubes are:
  • 1486
  • 7A8
  • 12BA6
  • 35Z5
  • 50L6
The bottom of that label says, "TP0-547, I.F.=455 KC., PART No. 78-0019. Should your PHILCO ever require service attention, call a member of 'Philco Service.' Guaranteed work, genuine Philco tubes and parts, standard prices. Printed in U.S.A." Numbers stamped on the workings in the back are "0212277003" and "GS 75036."

The case could use a better cleaning and has some scratches, the back is gone and when you plug it in, it hums but you can't get a station tuned in.

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