Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vintage SUNNIE MISS TOY TOASTER Bright Tin Litho Works!

Vintage SUNNIE MISS TOY TOASTER Bright Tin Litho Works! - eBay (item 310024641832 end time Feb-25-08 18:14:44 PST)

This vintage tin litho toy toaster says, "Sunnie Miss Toaster, 4358177 The Ohio Art Company, Bryan, Ohio 43506 Made in U.S.A." There's a little logo showing a girl labeled "Sunnie Miss." The yellow and green design features a graphic of three oranges with leaves and a faux control knob marked Lite and Dark with numbers. The same design is on both front and back.

The toaster is made of tin with a green plastic base. The silver finish is gone from the top and sides piece except for in the groove along the edge. The lever locks down and pops back up when you wiggle it sideways. There is no heating element, just pretend toasting.

The graphics are bright. There's a dent in one side and minor marks on the other side. The tin between the slots is bent down a bit and the silvery finish is off that part. Inside there's a spot of rust and one of the toast trays is bent down. Seems to work fine anyway. Great toy kitchen item!

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