Monday, April 21, 2008

1914 Embossed Glass Pint MILK BOTTLE 'Bottle of Health'

1914 Embossed Glass Pint MILK BOTTLE 'Bottle of Health' - eBay (item 310043016627 end time Apr-26-08 20:37:33 PDT)

This vintage one pint clear glass milk bottle has embossed lettering on the front saying, "A Bottle of Milk is a Bottle of Health." There's a symbol that looks like a big T with M on the left and C on the right. At the bottom back it's marked, "Sealed 1-11-14, One Pint Liquid." The bottom is marked, "S," "L," and "35."

The wide mouth of this solid bottle has two tiny chips down inside and a bigger but still small chip or rough spot on the top rim.

The bottle has minor wear. There's an odd dull squiggle on the back (like someone tried out a Dremel?) and a thin chafed line on the shoulder near a bit of dark green paint. There's a small chip in the bottom ridge.

Does this old pint milk bottle make you smile?

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