Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Glass Quart Fruit Canning MASON JAR Pat 1858, Lid

Green Glass Quart Fruit Canning MASON JAR Pat 1858, Lid - eBay (item 310043008744 end time Apr-26-08 19:53:55 PDT)

This vintage one quart green glass canning jar has embossed lettering on the front saying, "Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858." The glass-lined zinc lid is marked, "Ball" on the top and the glass lining is marked, "Genuine Zinc Cap For Ball Mason."

The particular jar has lots of character. The old glass has wrinkles, ripples and air bubbles typical in the manufacturing process back then. This one features a really big air bubble on the bottom edge. It's surprising the jar has stayed whole all these years with such a possibly weak place.

The inner edge of the mouth feels a little sharp partway around. When you look close and hold the jar just right, you can see minor chipping and a horizontal hairline crack.

The zinc lid has some minor discoloring or patina inside and out and a few small dents you can detect by feel better than sight. The glass lining is in excellent condition.

Does this great old Mason canning or fruit jar make you smile?

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