Monday, April 21, 2008

Old LEWES DAIRY MILK BOTTLE Printed Gallon Glass Jug!

Old LEWES DAIRY MILK BOTTLE Printed Gallon Glass Jug! - eBay (item 310042767335 end time Apr-25-08 21:25:42 PDT)

This vintage one gallon glass milk bottle or jug with a bail handle is printed in red with a cow's face and the words, "Lewes Dairy, Inc., Buy It by the Gallon." Embossed around the base are the words, "Registered Sealed B" and "One Gallon Liquid M432." In the texture on the bottom it says, "E 67." The metal rim around the neck is embossed, "D2 Pat. Appld. Haynes, Cleve, O."

The cow is a happy cow with a cowbell with LD on it. The vintage glass has two small bubbles in it, typical of old glass. There are seams down the sides. I washed it as you can see by a photographed water droplet inside, but the bottle could use a better cleaning.

This jug is in great condition. There is minor wear in the form of light scratches and scuffs in the glass, particularly around the shoulders and an inch or so above the base. The rim at the base has more wear in the form of heavy scuffing. The mouth is excellent, no chips, no cracks. The red printing is excellent, no scratches or scuffs. The bail handle has bits of rust or patina.

Does this great old milk bottle make you smile?

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