Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vintage HANDWOVEN HANDBAG Overshot Design Purse, Frame!

Vintage HANDWOVEN HANDBAG Overshot Design Purse, Frame! - eBay (item 310049905724 end time May-16-08 17:51:46 PDT)

This vintage cream and black handbag features an old-fashioned handwoven overshot design popular in coverlets in the 1800s. It was likely woven on a narrow four-harness loom. There's no maker's mark.

The metal frame is expertly installed as is the lining which has a surprise touch in the floral braid trim inside the frame edge. The cream threads in the weave have the sheen of rayon. The purse is lined with cream lining fabric.

The engraved metal frame and chain handle have lost most of their silvery finish through age and use. The fabric shows wear near the frame. The purse is definitely black and cream, not navy and cream like the photos suggest. The cream is lighter in real life, more off-white on this vintage handwoven coverlet-design purse.

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