Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vintage Winking WESTERN BARBIE Doll Used in Box #1757!

Vintage Winking WESTERN BARBIE Doll Used in Box #1757! - eBay (item 310049906409 end time May-18-08 17:55:08 PDT)

This vintage winking Western Barbie comes with her original box, booklet and some cards. The box says, "She gives you her autograph and a wink." This doll must have winked once too often and is stuck in a permanent wink now. Mattel No. 1757.

The box says there's a comb, brush, perfume bottle, mirror and instructions. The instruction booklet is here, but not the rest. There's no stamper as pictured. Her boots are missing, too.

She's in good condition except for her eyes. Her western outfit is in good condition. The box is somewhat banged up and has been taped at the upper front. A handwritten tag stapled to the top says, "1966" as if they thought that's when this winking Western Barbie doll came out?

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